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Are there margin dimensions that I must adhere to in order to have an image print in full?
If you are printing, in particular from a WORD file, then follow HP's advice:
"Your image will be printed on a page of the size you have selected, with the default margin between the edges of the image and the edges of the paper. The image should be small enough to fit between the margins."

What can be laminated? 
It's easier to state what cannot be laminated than to list all the things that could be laminated. The following items cannot be laminated:
  • staples
  • magnets 
  • metal tabs 
  • paper clips 
  • items that protrude greatly from student projects like pine cones, artificial flower petals, shoe laces, toys, test tubes, chemicals, sticky tack, splints, booklets/pamphlets... ask us about it if you're not sure!
  •  cue cards that are smaller than 4" x 4" 
If all the items on your poster projects have any corners that are not fully glued down, then the laminator will fold those items over revealing the underside.

Try to bring items for lamination that are not curled but lay flat.

What are the dimensions of the largest poster that is printed, cut, and laminated at Flash Print @ MSS? 

This is the 36" wide printer.                   This is the 25" wide laminator.              This is the 38" wide paper cutter. 

Keeping these dimensions in mind and realizing that all this equipment works best with at least a half inch margin consider the following:

  • the paper in the printer is on a roll so the length of your poster is limited only by the paper cutter's width. The longest poster that we could cut here  using the paper cutter is 36". 
  • the width of your poster, with margins in mind, should not exceed 35". HOWEVER, if the shop is laminating it then the poster width should only be 24". 
Therefore, the largest poster that is printed, cut, and laminated at Flash Print @ MSS should be 24" wide and 36" long.

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